Flat Earth Blood Orange IPA is now available

182 Cheyenne Way, Ottawa, ON K2J 5S6, CA

(613) 796-8882

Conspiracy Theory Brewing Company

Barrhaven's Only Craft Brewery and Coffee Roaster


Come enjoy a drink with us!

We have a New Home

We have finally found our new home. Opening this Summer.

After a couple of false starts and disappoints we finally have a lease in hand. A hidden gem where we can brew our conspiracies in comfort and you can sit to enjoy discussing them.

As with any fund raising campaign you get asked for your hard earned money. Well we do want it, but in our case we also want to give back. With each $100 donation, we will give back to you, 24 cans ($72 value and pick up after our opening) and an invite to the Grand Opening. Really we are only asking you to prepay for the beers that you were going to pay for anyways.

You can donate below or stop in to see us at the brewery to discuss our plans and other donation opportunities.

We are really excited about this and I hope you will join us.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

We also have Coffee

We are excited to release our signature coffee line. Just like our beers we continue the Conspiracy Theory quality to our coffee.


About Us

Conspiracy Theory Brewing Co.


 We  are a small batch brewery located in Barrhaven. Our specialty is to  bring you quality single batch brews. Often duplicating our most popular  Ales. As any en-devour begins as a dream. Many home brewers dream of  opening their own brewery. We decided to take that extra step to make  our dream a reality. Our goal is to produce a refined, balanced, quality  products. Our taste profile will appeal to all beer drinkers. For the  new comers to the craft beer industry, our Area 51 Cream Ale to an  everyday drinker, try our Chemtrail Pale Ale.  

Order of St Patrick


Our St Patrick's day release.

Chemtrail APA


Our everyday Pale Ale drinker. A medium bitterness with floral, citrus and grapefruit tones.

ABV - 5.8%

IBU - 36

Contact Us

Please call or email us in advance to book an appointment. We are not always in the brewery, as we are constantly moving/hiding, because they are watching. 

Conspiracy Theory Brewing Company

182 Cheyenne Way, Ottawa, ON K2J 5S6, CA

Tel/Message: (613) 796-8882 email: info@ctbrewing.ca


Thursday: 6pm - 8pm

Friday: 6pm - 8pm

Saturday 11pm - 4pm

Every brew day 11pm - 4 pm. Please watch on social media for these days.

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